The rules for the contest are available! posted on 26/09/05 by Char*
The rules for the French robotic cup are available:

The bad news is that the robot must not be more than 30cm tall, and robosapien is 35cm! So we will have to shrink it! The good news if we change the skeleton is that we will have "more" space for our electronic and we will make a nicer skin in plastic.

Buy Gumstix posted on 31/08/05 by Char*
Great, we have received 2 gumstix! We will soon be able to control the robosapien through bluetooth!

Connect micro-controller to robosapien posted on 24/08/05 by Char*
I have opened the robosapien, connected a micro-controller pin directly on the IR-OUT pin of the robosapien mother board. I have written a small program to send the IR signal on this pin. I can now use the micro-controller to send commands to the robot! I don't need anymore the telecommand :)

Buy Robosapien posted on 03/08/05 by Char*
I have just bought the robosapien! It works! Now I can hack it!

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